It may seem lightyears away from Michael Jordan's debut in the 1996 blockbuster hit Space Jam, but we are starting to see the latest MJ project transform in front of our eyes. The new '1000 North' Jupiter restaurant is sure to be Palm Beach County's latest hot spot for business professionals and residents around. 

Plans for the grand opening are rumored to be around the beginning of 2018. With over 340 dining seats, indoor and outdoor bars, celebrity chefs, private club memberships ($2,500 annual membership fee) gaining you private access to the second floor, '1000 North' will be the place to be. 

We look forward to attending the grand opening! 

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Ladies & Gentlemen-

It's time to bust out your rain boots! It's going to be a wet one, and as far as we can see, it doesn't look like Palm Beach County is going to get a least until Monday of next week! As sullen as it can be, this rain was a much needed South Florida deluge helping to put a halt to our statewide wildfires due to our severe drought. 

Keeping all this rain in mind, The Sutter & Nugent Real Estate family is offering appointments with our roofer to have your roof checked! That is, after the rain stops.

The best time to check for leaks is right after a a large rainfall, or in our case a week, of rainfall. Contacting your roofing professional after the rain subsides, and hiring them to crawl your attic in search of any…

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