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Office: 561.249.7266 | Cell: 561.602.2686

Specializing in the Palm Beaches area - Tawan is your go to Agent!

Please join me in giving a special high-5 to Tawan...

This month our attention is drawn to Tawan for his endurance in making the numbers and closing his deals.  But more than that, Tawan has noticeably stood out for the extra heart that he puts into everything that he does.  In addition to the loving care that he gives his clients, Tawan has kept his game strong during this time of adjustment (in this fluctuating & challenging market) by giving that same extra care to himself which has been his leading power behind the drive.

Tawan is an exemplary agent that hones in on the necessary parameters of what it takes to fuel his success.  He has keen intuition of all matters at hand and knows how to keep things fair and in favor of his clients.

Keep up the impressive work, Tawan!! 

You are an inspirational driving force of keeping the heart in your business!!

We've got our eye on you!

Q & A with Tawan

Q:  Your tireless efforts have put you in the spotlight ... what changes have you made in your daily routine or professional strategies, if any, to get you here?

A:  Since lock down, one clear change that I have made in my personal life has been concentrating more on personal health and self-care.  I make it a point to drink a lot of water and making sure that I get plenty of sleep, which has noticeably given me much more energy. In turn, that energy has allowed me to put my best foot forward and present the best version of myself for my clients.

Q:  We've all heard of the "Little Engine that Could" ... What keeps your engine going?

A:  My clients are my number 1 driving force behind what keeps me going.

Q:  What area do you specialize in selling, and what are your favorite neighborhoods (if any) in that area? Any why?

A:  I sell all over South Florida, but I specialize in Palm Beach Gardens and North Palm Beach.  A few of my favorite neighborhoods include Shady Lakes, Woodland Lakes and Juno Isles.  The communities are nice and quiet and (what I would consider to be) little hidden gems right in the heart of town.

Q:  Why did you choose to be part of the Sutter and Nugent family? And what is your greatest takeaway from your experience so far?

A:  The greatest draw of being a part of the Sutter and Nugent Family is just that - "Family".  There is a clear family atmosphere within the company, and everyone is always so willing to help and support one another as such.  It might sound cliché to say - but we really are one big, happy family.

Q:  What are some of your favorite places to explore around South Florida?  Do you have any hidden treasures that you would like to share?

A:  I love to explore the local areas and try out all the local restaurants when I can.  Jupiter has a lot of great seafood restaurants.  "Captain Charlies Reef Grill" located in Juno Beach would have to be my top hidden treasure pick for sure. You can't go wrong with ordering any items on their menu.  I also love to frequent Delray Beach, which has a lot of up-and-coming restaurants.

Q:  What (or who) was your influence to becoming a real estate agent?  And if you weren't an agent - where would you see yourself today?

A:  I became a real estate agent because I want to help people achieve their dreams of owning their own homes.  It is very satisfying to see my clients walk into their home for the first time. If I were not an agent, I would have loved to be a photographer for National Geographic.

Q:  If you wanted to leave a lasting impression on your clients, to get repeat business – how would you go about that?

A:  Working in a service industry, I know how important it is to be able to differentiate yourself from others, and the way I like to do that is to go above and beyond for my clients, which always leaves a lasting impression and creates the opportunity for repeat customers.  I also make it a point to keep current in the industry by educating myself with the latest information so I can properly advise my clients.

Q:  Is there anything about yourself (professionally or personally) that you would like for people to know about you?

A:  I would like for people to know that I put heart into everything that I do, which is why I go above and beyond.  I believe that we should treat everyone with love and care - the same love and care that a grandmothers give to their grandchildren.



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