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OK Folks… the end of the year is nearing!

Now is NOT the time to feel settled into your same old daily routine.  

Now is the time to take inventory of how far you have come since January and gage how much further you can (and WILL) go by the end of December.

Let's get those goals reset! Let's recharge! Let's refocus!

Do you remember the fable about the foolish squirrel?

Foolish Squirrel

Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house … of order (D&C 88:119).

Squirrel knew that winter was coming. Owl had said it was, Blue Jay and Deer had told him too. Even Chipmunk, his best friend, had reminded him as she busily gathered food for the winter.

“You’d better hide nuts for winter,” Blue Jay chirped.

“You can’t find food in the snow,” Deer said.

“Listen to your friends, Squirrel,” Chipmunk chattered, flicking her tail. “They’re right, you know.”

But it was only September, and for Squirrel, winter was a long way off. There would be plenty of time to gather food later. He had other things to do. He liked to have fun and to play tricks on his friends. He liked jumping from tree to tree and scaring Blue Jay. And whenever Deer was standing under a tree that Squirrel was playing in, Squirrel dropped nuts on him. When a nut hit him, Deer would bound away in fright—while Squirrel held his sides and chattered with glee!

But what he liked best was stealing a nut from Chipmunk. She would chase him around and around! Up and down the trees they’d go. Finally Squirrel would drop the nut and look for something else to do.

“Squirrel, you are being very foolish,” Owl scolded. “If you don’t store food, you will be very hungry this winter.”

Chipmunk warned him again too. “Store some nuts now,” she said. “Soon they’ll be covered with snow, and you won’t be able to find them.”

Squirrel didn’t like to have Chipmunk mad at him, so he took a few nuts to his pantry, just to please her. But he thought that work was no fun, so before long, he was off playing tricks again.

Time passed quickly. Then one morning when Squirrel poked his head out the door, a blanket of white greeted him. Snow? he thought. Already? The air was crisp and cold. A breeze blew a puff of snow off the branch above his door. Plop! It landed right on his head. “Yipe!” He jumped back inside. He shook his head. “Brrrr!”

Squirrel had to think about this. But thinking always made him hungry. He went to his pantry. Two or three nuts will help me to decide, he thought. Oh, oh! Squirrel stared at the little pile of nuts in the corner. He had always planned to gather food “tomorrow.” But “tomorrow” never seemed to come. “What shall I do?” he muttered.

He ate two of the nuts from the little pile and thought about it. “I’ll go see Chipmunk,” he said. “She’ll know what to do.” So away he went.

Squirrel raced along as fast as he could. At long last he came to Chipmunk’s burrow. He poked his head in. “Good morning,” he chattered. “May I come in?”

Chipmunk looked up from her breakfast. “Wipe your feet first,” she said, after swallowing a mouthful of acorn.

Squirrel wiped his feet, then came in and sat down.

“How do you like the snow, Squirrel?” she asked.

“It’s pretty, but it’s cold,” he answered. Hanging his head, he mumbled, “And it hides the nuts.”

Chipmunk shook her tail reproachfully, “We all tried to warn you that this would happen.”

“I know,” Squirrel said, watching his feet as he shifted from one to the other. “I was very foolish. But I won’t be anymore, I promise.” He looked up. “What can I do now, Chipmunk?” he said in a small voice.

Just then Blue Jay landed on the ground outside Chipmunk’s door. “Good morning, Chipmunk. Good morning, Squirrel,” he said in a cheery voice.

“Good morning, Blue Jay,” Chipmunk and Squirrel said together.

“How do you like this fine, snowy day?” Blue Jay asked, hopping about.

“I think the snow is very pretty,” Chipmunk chattered. “But Squirrel has a problem.”

“He does?” Blue Jay tipped his head and looked at Squirrel with shiny, black eyes.

“I was very foolish. I didn’t gather nuts when I should have,” Squirrel told him quietly. “Now the snow hides them, and I don’t know what to do.”

“Hmm.” Blue Jay ruffled his feathers. “That is a problem.”

“Squirrel has promised not to be foolish anymore,” … and the story goes on

We could learn a lot from the foolish squirrel and note that squirrels typically begin to gather their nuts in late summer, early fall, to prepare for the winter, which is exactly where we are in the year, and this is exactly what you should do.

Why wait until December 31st to reflect back on your year to see how you did in 2022?  Let's reflect now.

Have you met all your goals that you have set for yourself?  Do you have goals that you would still like to achieve before the year is over?

Maybe you would like to challenge yourself and give yourself a new list of goals to conquer?

Start collecting your nuts now - to prepare you for the winter.  

As we all know - the market can change at any given moment so we want you to be ready.  Whether the market picks up or slows down -- do you have enough "nuts" to get you through it?

Get out your rolodex, your e-contacts, your social media following and let's start touching base to see what is going on with everyone. Let's see what life changes are happening around us that we can capitalize on.  Start gathering those proverbial nuts.


Let's stop and take a look at your credentials. (Take inventory)

  • Are you up to date on your licensure? 
  • Are you in need of refresher courses?
  • Do you need any real estate training hours?
  • Are you proficient in the following:
    • MLS
    • AppFiles and
    • familiar with all your forms, contracts & current real estate laws

Now is the time to get your ducks in a row so you will be ready for anything that may come your way in the next coming months - like when the "snowbirds" roll into town and activity picks up or when activity slows down as the holidays hit us.


Don't be the "Foolish Squirrel" and think you can coast through to the end of the year based on how far you have already come.  Let't not wait until New Year's Eve to make resolutions.

Always keep proactive and be prepared. 

If you haven't hit your 2022 goals yet - there is still time… but you need to start now!

Are You Ready

I know you can do it!!! and this is just your friendly reminder to say...



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